World Frontier Expo
yucca, table, button, cake, lava
Art Tower Mito, Mito

The idea of this work is to make a device for a time of crisis such as the point of death. The series of works named 「死に際に押すボタン」was released in "The Age of Micropop" at Art Tower Mito.Forceful scenery found everywhere in our daily life is the motivation for this series. Taiyo Village, a rural village in the southern part of Mito City, is dotted with small second houses of odd-triangle-shaped. A generational dream of seeking a second house in the suburb exploited the existing rural area and resulted such a scenery. This disorganized contact with the local community is observed and iconized.

I mix several ideas.
The image of the result is destroying and gigantic, and it keeps spreading.
I call it "3 Dimension."

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