Reverse Taper's Portrait
palm tree, beachchair, sprinkler, heater
Halbwelt, Berlin

This series was produced in June 2009, during my stay in Berlin. Reviewing my past method, that is, starting with scenery, developing and merging ideas as in a word associaion game, I switched to a method of reproducing the experienced feeling as it is. In spring of this year, I visited India, where I had found a breakthrough in my art activity in the last visit, for the first time in a decade. Based on the actual feeling I newly got in this visit, I made studies for the project. I thought about if I could lay out the most basic elements of an environment, such as temperature, humidity, the blowing wind, and smells, in more straightforward way. I used three rooms as the space of exhibition and gave a function to each room to develop the work. This is a mixing technique for making air.

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