For after goes home workshop
flashlights, museum equipment
TATE Modern Museum observation gallery
London, UK

it's a relief to see people gathering.
at night I trailed the shape of a person in the dark.
The Tate Modern has seven floors, and on the top floor you can see all of London. For my workshop, people came to the seventh floor and arranged flashlights that shone out into the city. Then they left and it became night. As they walked home,
they could turn around and see their beams of light shining out at them.
I think that each place--a museum, the river, London, homes--has a different atmosphere and carries a different feeling. I wanted to use the lights to connect these different settings, to have them all be touched at once by the beam of light.
  The beams of light were kind of like an emotional connection from the museum, reaching into the normal daily lives of the people outside by the river.

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